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Russian troops crossed into Georgia in August 2008 and temporarily occupied several Georgian cities in a brief war in which Moscow backed separatists in Georgia's breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.Since the war, Russia has occupied Abkhazia and South Ossetia in violation of a cease-fire agreement.Collaboration between the culinary and beverage teams results in wines and cocktails that perfectly complement your meal.Whether you’re looking for a leisurely, romantic dinner or a meal prior to Bingo, the length of your experience is up to you.And the Chef’s Table and Kitchen Table let you see up close all the workings of a Five-Star kitchen and culinary team while having a fun, unique experience. Private Dining Enjoy all the Georgian Room has to offer in the privacy of your own dining room. Surrounded by gold-leaf chandeliers, custom-designed sconces, and a ceiling like no other: heart pine beams inspired by an English country house, it’s the perfect spot for an intimate private dinner. River Bar & Lounge The Cloister You didn’t order panoramic views of the Black Banks River, but there they are.

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A statement on Kobakhidze's resignation was read out to journalists in Tbilisi on June 21 by Mayor Kakha Kaladze, the Secretary General of the ruling Georgian Dream party, after a meeting of the party leadership.After Kobakhidze's resignation was announced, a coalition of opposition parties called for the release of all demonstrators who were detained by authorities overnight.