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In the "firsts" department, seat belts were introduced, and the vaccine for polio was created.In 1953, DNA was discovered, and Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first men to ever climb to the summit of Mount Everest.Producer Kroger Babb had so much faith in this project that he determined that the film itself meet the accepted technical standards of a professional production.To achieve this, within the limits of his available capital, he approached one of Hollywood's leading "Poverty Row" studios, Monogram Pictures, to actually make the film. Sarecky (as production supervisor), director of photography Marcel Le Picard, editor Richard Currier and especially director William Beaudine.Truman signed the peace treaty with Japan, officially ending World War II, and Winston Churchill took the reins in Great Britain as prime minister for the second time.

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Mickey Mantle, Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Mouse all were some of the most famous stars of them all.Movies were still popular, but television was starting to take a chunk out of the film industry’s revenue.Every night families huddled around the TV to watch their favorite shows, which was usually a western like Gunsmoke or anything featuring Lucille Ball. Unfortunately, paranoia about Communism made a lot of good people act bad.

Racism was rampant in many parts of the country, but especially in the south.The average middle class fifties household had a television, a dishwasher, electric appliances and much more.