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15-Nov-2019 09:56

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A 2016 study looked at the link between marijuana and sex and found that approximately half of respondents reported feeling “aphrodisiac effects” after smoking pot, while 70% said they experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”According to experts, you don’t have to smoke to take advantage the potential positive effects cannabis can have on your sex life.

Ashley Manta is a Canna Sexual coach (someone who combines sex and cannabis) and educator.

In certain weed-friendly cities like Boulder, Colorado, April 20 has come to be known as "Marijuana Appreciation Day" or "Weed Day." The term 420 is also a rallying cry for the marijuana legalization movement, which has gained momentum as states like Colorado, Washington, and California have decriminalized pot.

(As of September 2018, recreational marijuana use is legal in nine U. states, along with the District of Columbia.) Various urban legends have grown up around the meaning of 420 and its connection to marijuana, but the true story behind it is surprisingly prosaic.

Because these products need time to absorb (I like to think of it as marinating), and the skin of the penis isn’t as conducive to absorption, the effects seem to be more potent in people with vulvas.”Marijuana can also help with discomfort during sex.

In my experience, marijuana makes me feel paranoid and disconnected from other people, which is the last thing I want when I’m on a date.There are several urban legends about the link between 420 and cannabis, but the real origin story might surprise you.

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