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Being the final day I have to help Sakuya clean up the student council office, a task that I'm not wholly against if it gives me more alone time with him. On that first day working in the cafe Ryouta came in wondering if the position was still available and I couldn't help but give it up for him. Perhaps that's what people mean by 'fate', that we're all pawns in a bigger game.

Still, he finds a way to annoy me by trying to use his more senior position to have me do everything while he just watches. Having time off is nice, but it does mean I've got little chance to get more smitten with Sakuya. Having known him for so long I know that he relies on summer jobs to support his mother, so I couldn't do anything else but make way. I don't know, but I did feel like a puppet at times. Taking things as they come and getting stuck in where I can.

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I've never once been afraid of being eaten by a cat, running out of seed or having my owner die while I'm still in my cage... I think I even heard someone fall into a toilet the other day. Why would they have human toilets in a school for pigeons anyway? He's been my friend since he first poked his wing out of the egg and we do pretty everything together. He'll need more than a wing and prayer to get anywhere with that. I don't remember it being so messy around here last year... I wonder if there are any other humans in the world?

That makes my entire situation different, my entire reality.

Anyone watching me would think this is all crazy, but it kinda makes sense when you experience it. Despite knowing Ryouta for such a long time I'm not attracted to him. I think he's gone through some bad times, though, which is why he's so snobbish to everybirdie.

Less people willing to give you a free pass because you're new or nervous. Plus, I'm supposed to set an example to the younger birds now...

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although I'm still unsure about how someone like me, y'know with hands and hair, is supposed to give advice to others with talons for feet. Being the only human at school is hard and I'm sure some of the doves and the fantails don't like me being there, I think I make them feel jumpy.

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