Accommodating strategy

14-Apr-2020 03:56

Negotiation Skills - Contrasts the avoiding and accommodating approaches to negotiating.Also explains how to appropriately use these approaches.The avoiding approach to negotiating is characterised by losing, leaving, and withdrawing.No commitments are made, and behaviour is impersonal.Perhaps even on purpose.” As a result, an Accommodating person will concede or discount their own concerns. Accommodating can be an ideal conflict style – but only in specific circumstances, for example: Like all modes, Accommodating has its drawbacks.In contrast to Competing, where the brunt of the drawbacks injury the other side, the brunt of the Accommodating drawbacks is felt by the person themselves.This will empower you to make more effective choices when you are finding or facing conflict.

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”), to loss of motivation to try harder (“if they’re always going to win anyway”).Among its problems are that it creates potential IOU's for future negotiations.Furthermore, it may hand you a major loss on important issues and can lead to a habit of concession on many issues, hence decreasing your power and reputation.Its disadvantage is that the problem is left unresolved, and this can result in nothing getting done if too many problems are swept under the rug.

In the avoiding approach, at least one of the parties displays a subtle reluctance or unwillingness to resolve the issues.

This approach is of little use for those working with organisations as it strains relationships and prevents the building of trust between the parties involved.