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07-Jan-2020 01:10

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Whatever brings you to SL, you'll soon find that sex is everywhere.

You'll be curious, and prolly tempted to jump in right away, and I bet you'll be surprised by what it's like in this strange virtual environment.

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But SL adds another dimension where you and your partner (or partners, lol) can animate your avatars, and watch them do exactly what your imagining.

And there are people here, with names like Milk, Stranger, Exdore, and Laxative.

They're talking, horsing around, smirking at each other, waving. It gets kind of confusing and I wander north, outside of the house, and somehow end up in a large field in which three spaceships sit. I do, fire up the engines, and learn how to navigate.

If you haven't got any Lindens, there are many places rated "mature" where you'll find beds and pose balls all over the place.

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You'll have to do your thing in public, which is not my cup of tea - and be sure you don't start experimenting with the pose balls on your own.

People will just walk up to you and grab the companion ball, thinking that your offering yourself up to anyone!

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