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17-Feb-2020 10:51

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And why would the Chris featured on Teen Mom not want to sue if he was falsely accused of being a child molester? *You may have noticed that the original article by The Ashley (as well as other news outlets) contained this mugshot of Chris.

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If the story here is true, it doesn't really change my opinion of Amber or MTV either. This is just a random guy he doesn't need his full address listed on Reddit.

Well that's because the links direction magically changed two days after the story broke.

The ORIGINAL link had this picture come up when you clicked on it ** In chat rooms at the time people were baffled as to how this dudes mugshot photo seemingly changed overnight.

Why do you keep posting this stuff when you can just watch the episode to see for yourself they look nothing alike? She’s a shit ass person/mom I just thought it was fucked up that his mugshot seemingly disappeared two days after the initial story broke in 2010.

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What if a woman with a young child started dating him and couldn't find out about his past because MTV paid so many mugshot sites to remove it? Amber was all of that, especially at that stage in her life.

podcast earlier this week, she said that she and Kenneth re-filed for a marriage license after their first one had expired.