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I noticed him watching me pick up my water, so before taking a sip, I paused to look in the glass and make sure I had the right drink. “Pop would come in and go, ‘Boys, do you know that that guy can’t wipe his own ass?

’ We’d all laugh, and he’d say, ‘That one’s for show,’ and point at his bicep—he always had his shirt off—‘but that one’s for dough,’ pointing at his tricep.

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But wait,” he whispered, “there’s a platinum watch wrapped up in a paper towel. Goddam, that’s a good-looking watch.’” He talked for twenty minutes just about his dad’s hands. He insisted that that was part of the love story, merely a description of the way the couple communicated.

Homeless guys squatting in front of toe-ring shops flirted with bikini girls on skateboards, begging for money specifically for pot.