Avoid dating single moms

27-Feb-2020 10:58

Dating around is absolutely unacceptable for a woman with a child.

You need to kiss a lot of frogs sometimes, you know?

That guy is all the wrong decisions rolled into one person. When it’s all out there like that, it seems crazy, but we’re all guilty of it. A snide remark or sideways glance is all it takes sometimes for a mom to feel like she’s failed.

It’s really not that difficult to make everyone happy. None of these people meant for their advice to come off as harsh or rude, but sometimes we get so caught up in our own opinions about other people’s lives that we don’t realize how judgmental we’re being.

In order to simplify matters, I’ve taken all of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years and compiled it into a nice and neat list for you.

These are all messages that I’ve received from well-intentioned people over the years when I’ve asked for advice.

If you’re thinking about dating a single mom, you might be wondering how it’ll be different from dating a woman without children.

In many ways, dating a single mom is like dating anyone else, and as long as you treat her with care and respect, you’ll be golden.

Dating is just one of those things that we all do, and those who figured it out early on tend to weigh in on our dating lives more than maybe we’d like. Well, you should be glad there are guys out there who are open to dating women with kids. Post a smiling selfie on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and caption it with some over-the-top inspirational quote about love and motherhood.

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This includes our friends, our friends of friends, and those random people who stumble across our Facebook posts because they knew a dude that dated some girl in college who was related to this person you know through four degrees of separation. It’s a really terrible feeling, and I think we’ve all witnessed it. Unprovoked tantrums have your household feeling like a scene from The Purge?

While a romantic partner can play an integral role in a single mom’s life, there shouldn’t be any competition between you and her children.

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