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14-Dec-2019 05:51

As part of these texting and driving laws, motorists cannot use a wireless telecommunications device while operating a vehicle within city limits.

If motorists break these laws, then they will receive a citation and they will need to pay a fine depending on whether the offense involved an accident or not.

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While there is no Arizona distracted driving law at this time, novice motorists and commercial vehicle operators may not engage in any distracting activities while operating a motor vehicle.For instance, if drivers engage in an activity that requires the use of their hands, attention, or eyes, then they are guilty of driving distractedly.Various types of distractions may include the following: While rates of distracted driving in AZ have declined since 2005, the act of driving distractedly continues to be the main cause of serious traffic-related injuries and fatalities throughout the state.Otherwise, flirtexting with other people can go too far and become cheating.

If you are dating multiple people and trying to sort out who might be Mr.or Miss Right, texting can be an effective way to single people out of your dating pool.