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05-Aug-2020 18:07

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My heart exploded last night as I watched my dearest sissy get married in Maine. "But ended actually with a letter that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother, because I searched all of the romantics and Shakespeare just wasn't doing it." The former First Lady and Bush twins' grandmother died in April at age 92.

Happy tears, heart exploding as I watched this beautiful girl get married in the place that means love and family. ❤️💕💕❤️ A post shared by Jenna Bush Hager (@jennabhager) on “And we’ve been long-distance for most of it — he’s been in LA and I’ve been in New York — but we’ve gotten to spend a lot of time together.”On Monday, Barbara's mom and dad welcomed their new son-in-law with open arms.

They don’t want to add to the ugliness, which pains Jenna all the more, she said, because she has two daughters, Mila, 4, and Poppy, 2.“This moment, as a mother, feels a little frightening, because I’m nervous to have the TV on to hear some of the rhetoric that is coming from the highest position,” Jenna said, conspicuously uttering the syllable “Trump” itself.

“The way I speak about elections and the way I speak about everything has changed, because I’m now a role model to two little humans who I want to teach about love and empathy and compassion.”She and Barbara, who is single, woke up together in Jenna’s bed on the morning after election night, because Jenna’s husband, Henry Hager, was away, and Barbara had come over to watch the returns, which were still being counted into the wee hours.

I also remember the media’s sometimes cheap fascination with them when they went off to college — Jenna to the University of Texas, Barbara to Yale — and were repeatedly caught consuming alcohol before they were legally old enough to.“Jenna and Tonic” was a headline in The New York Post.

People magazine went with “Double Trouble,” while Newsweek opted for “Busted Again in Margaritaville.” They were embarrassed, yes, but also frustrated by what they insist were exaggerations in many accounts.

’ And he would stick-figure a little airplane.”“With his little face waving out of it,” Barbara chimed in. The book is stippled with insider anecdotes, my favorite of which recounts a meal that Barbara and her mother shared with Silvio Berlusconi in 2006, when he was Italy’s prime minister and Barbara was 24.

@laurawbush and I are so proud of our compassionate, daring, fierce, kind, intelligent, loving daughter.And according to her sister, Jenna Bush Hager, the wedding's setting had special significance to the bride and the Bush family."They wanted to get married here because my grandfather is here," Hager said via telephone on was a very secret wedding, a little bit like my elusive sister.But also, just family in a place that means family love, and it was beautiful." Maine is where George H. Bush and Barbara Bush got engaged, and Coyne proposed. ) 💕💕💕 A post shared by Jenna Bush Hager (@jennabhager) on "I just told her and everybody how much she means to me," Hager said amid tears.But they do make you question the caricatures that we blithely traffic in, the assumptions that we breezily make and our reluctance to allow for how much the objects of our curiosity can change.

Their father’s late-blooming obsession with painting: Even they didn’t see that one coming.I told her that when I read that part, I immediately thought of Trump, and of his various comments over the years about the hotness — in Daddy’s eyes — of Ivanka. Barbara, for example, appeared in a video endorsing same-sex marriage back in 2011.

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