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22-May-2020 21:00

He's dealt with them before and it's likely he'll deal with them again.

Fury may not have sent Black Widow to kill Banner, but if that had been Fury's goal, Romanoff is precisely the kind of person he would send, and Banner knows it.

, the close quarters and raw emotions get things hot and heavy. For their dreamed-of love affair to work, they would have to hide themselves and remain hidden, while remaining ready to drop everything and run at any given moment. His answer is a little vague, but he implies that he saw the potential. You hope for the best." So what was it Nick Fury saw in Banner and Romanoff to make him think they might pair off?

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Did he think it would help keep Banner in the fold; that without Romanoff to anchor him, Banner's departure from the Avengers was inevitable? Nick Fury is calculating, and the idea of manipulating both a master assassin and a man who occasionally turns into a green monster is inherently dangerous.But calling their pairing surprising isn't just a comic book purist's complaint. Romanoff hires a little girl to lure Banner to a shack away from the city, under the false pretense that her father is sick. But they're not exactly the foundation to build a lasting relationship of love and trust.Forget the comic books ever existed — look only at the movies, and still there's so much about the idea of these two being together that's just plain strange. Once Black Widow's trap is revealed, she uses her sex appeal and lies to draw Banner closer. And can we take a moment to deal with the fact that future Avenger Black Widow needed to lure a guy into a shack, so she hired a . D.'s Helicarrier, we get a little glimpse of Joss Whedon's skill with directing horror.The monster became a subject of mad obsession for powerful officers like General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross; Major Glenn Talbot, who was always jealous of Betty Ross' love for Banner; and countless other officers who either genuinely wanted to stop what they saw as a genuine threat, saw a victory over the Hulk to win them an extra star on their collars, or sought to unlock the secret of the Hulk's power in order to weaponize it.

As a result, the Hulk spent plenty of time scattering crowds of scared soldiers, dodging missiles, and tearing through tanks.

As is always the case in real life, murderous rampages brought on by psychic assaults and epic battles with armies of robots got in the way.

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