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25-Jan-2020 10:16

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May not help the original poster, but it's worth noting that deleting NK2 files is overkill.You can delete individual autocomplete entries that pop up as you type an address by pressing.....Originally posted by emb: May not help the original poster, but it's worth noting that deleting NK2 files is overkill.

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Instead I had to rely on multiple articles/blogposts to guide me into reaching the result.

For those that are new to GAL Segmentation, this can be a daunting task.

This actually is the inspiration for this blog, to provide the steps from an implementers view, so that you get the full picture about the preparation, the steps involved and the gotchas so that you feel confident about carrying out this simple yet scary change.

This can in rare cases get bad information in it, a new outlook profile will give a completely new outlook name cache.

Or to delete one bad entry from it, start typing the name, let it auto-fill, then hit the delete key on the keyboard when the autofill address is show in the To bar.

I tried the search function but couldn't come up with anything.

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