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22-Jul-2020 05:41

Church Mating Season Keith Drury Spring is mating season for churches.(Place an x on the following continuum.) Strongly opposed ______________________________________________ strongly favor M.What single sentence would you give typifying the ministry of each, and reason for their leaving?What are some touchy issues with the people in your church…Please note that searching for a pastor is only one of three jobs you need to do.Failure to work on all three tasks may lead to difficulties in the future.What is the make-up of your membership ___Children ___Youth ___Young Adults ___Adults ___Middle-Aged ___Seniors J.divorce, alcohol, tobacco, materialism, or others, which a pastor would need to use care in preaching about?

Community person (someone familiar with your church, though not an attender) E.

The time of a pastor search can be an exciting time.

It will be stressful, but that shouldn’t distract from one of your primary task: building excitement for the next phase of your congregation’s journey. See the section, Pastor Search: Pulpit Committee, for a full discussion of this task.

Do you make provisions or exceptions to the idea of the pastor’s spouse serving on the paid staff at the church?

Over the past fifteen years which pastor’s spouse do you believe has functioned in a most ideal way?Sometimes the pastor himself was at the heart of conflict and now people are choosing sides.