Carbon dating siberian traps

22-Nov-2019 03:29

A doleritic dike intrusive into the lower parts of the Siberian Traps contains excess argon and yields an isochron age of 234 ±7 Ma.

Critical reexamination of relevant radiometric data relating two separate episodes of flood-basalt volcanism to global faunal extinctions suggests the volcanic event forming the most voluminous sections of the Deccan Traps, India, was coincident to within ±1 m.y. However, the onset of volcanism in the Siberian Traps apparently occurred at a time postdating that of the Permian/Triassic boundary.

The association between the Siberian Traps, the largest continental flood basalt province, and the largest-known mass extinction event at the end of the Permian period, has been strengthened by recently- published high-precision .

We argue that the impact of the volcanism was amplified by the prevailing late Permian environmental conditions—in particular, the hothouse climate, with sluggish oceanic circulation, that was leading to widespread oceanic anoxia.

Shrock Professor of Geology in MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences.

In 20, he and Bowring used high-precision dating techniques to determine the timing of the end-Permian mass extinction and ages of ancient magmatic rocks that the team collected over three field expeditions to the Siberian Traps.

And we think the smoking gun is the first pulse of Siberian Traps sills.” Getting to extinction’s roots Since the 1980s, scientists have suspected that the Earth’s most severe extinction events, the end-Permian included, were triggered by large igneous provinces such as the Siberian Traps — expansive accumulations of igneous rock, formed from protracted eruptions of lava over land and intrusions of magma beneath the surface.

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The first stage marks the start of widespread eruptions of lava over land, 252.2 million years ago. In a paper published today in , the team reports that about 251.9 million years ago, a huge pulse of magma rose up through the Earth, in a region that today is known as the Siberian Traps.

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