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Chaiti is a young beautiful woman and wife of newspaper editor Bikramjit. See full summary » In a forest, near a border, a young Bengali and a European soldier attempt to get the better of one another.

Bikramjit is a workaholic and always stay busy with his editorial works. See full summary » The film is about Joy, Deb and Ananda. In Calcutta, Rahul, an architect who had gone off to build a career in Dubai, begins a huge construction site.- Indian Doubting the woman: Paoli Dam in Chatrak Director disowns Paoli after watching Chatrak's sex clips - Times Marriage Made In Celluloid Doubting the woman: Paoli Dam in Chatrak Love, Sex, and Pushing the Envelope in Bollywood | Highbrow Magazine Boldness is all in the head: Paoli Dam - Bollywood News - Desimartini.