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23-Oct-2020 19:38

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The short answer is all items that are going to be brought into the NZDF inventory and managed as a stocked item.

Naturally, there are exceptions but generally, all items acquired, at whatever level, should be codified.

Federal statutes are published in the United States Code.

Items that are acquired by a single entity for a specific purpose may not need to be codified if they are not going to be held in stock or repeatedly purchased.In the United States, the legislative branch of the government, or Congress, is tasked with the codification process.Legislators, also known as lawmakers, are elected to work together to propose rules that should be made into law, and then to actually draft proposals of these laws for the president's approval. The members of Congress must go through multiple rounds of revisions before a bill is ready to come to a vote.Naturally, as soon as more entities start acquiring the same item or that there is a need to store some reserve items, then the item should be codified.

If an organisation does not use such a system, it is probably paying more than it should or are buying items that are already in stock somewhere.

You are probably familiar with the concept of laws.

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