Consolidating debts have more money pay need

04-Oct-2019 21:06

With our “No Fix, No Pay” guarantee, you can talk to our experts and decide if you want us to help you, with no obligation if you don't.

We'll give you a free debt assessment and help you to choose the best debt solution for your situation, with fast approval.

Instead of having to manage multiple payments every month, you'll now only have one payment to make on a single date.

In most cases, credit providers will offer a lower interest rate or lower monthly payment compared to what you were paying before (though you may choose to pay more each month if you want to pay off your debt faster).

The Debt Fix Debt Management Team will work closely with you to design a tailored solution.Our consultants will explain the pros and cons of consolidating debt so you can decide for yourself if it's the right choice in your situation.Payment consolidation will provide you an opportunity to combine debts into one affordable repayment so youcan better manage your debt and look towards a debt free future, The most common reason for consolidating debts is the savings you can make – in the short term and the long term. More than 1 in 6 Australians struggle to repay their debts and worry about how they're going to afford their bills every month.

If that sounds like you, a debt consolidation loan could be the answer.

Most people rely on a solution with smaller repayments so they'll have more money left over every month, but if you want to be free from the burden of debt sooner, you can choose to pay more each month.