Cote de pablo who is she dating

27-Jun-2020 01:37

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This why it’s hard to be in a serious relationship while you’re in Hollywood – there’s always a chance you might fall for someone on the set, who you’ve been sharing all kinds of “pretend” intimate moments with.

Perhaps something happened between the two, and she kept it quiet.

Imagine that you’re an actor, and you’re playing a role that involves you having a romantic relationship with this woman.

Looking at the stunning picture of her that you see her, you can understand that it would be hard not to fall for this girl.

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More specifically, a certain special someone named Michael Weatherly?

For 15 years, she was very vocal about the fact that she was in a relationship with Ecuadorian actor Diego Serrano.

They originally got together way back in 2000, and kept their relationship going for 15 whole years!

A lot of the time, actors and actresses are very open to the public about their intimate affairs, intent on gaining the publicity that it might spark.

But NCIS star Cote De Pablo has always been very mysterious about her love life – you can tell by the mischievous grin you see here on her face. Cote has definitely told us about one person in her love life.They are both strong-willed, they are both incredible friends, and they have both suffered in their lives.