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18-Aug-2020 14:46

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The 1935 Lawton/Gable "Mutiny on the Bounty" is 49% balderdash and 51% falsehood.

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In reality Christian was a friend of Bligh's wife's family, and it was he who sought a posting on Bounty; Bligh didn't solicit his participation.

He makes her his muse; fans of can fill in much—but not nearly all—of what follows.

Transitional alimony cannot be changed unless: If you live with a third party, the judge will presume (but you can present evidence otherwise), that the third party is either supporting you or you are supporting the third party, and therefore you do not need the same amount of alimony.… continue reading »

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“I was definitely in love with this particular person. There has to be a certain amount of knowledge and patience that’s acquired in order to keep it going, and keep it straight. “I figure if I probably had parents around, I’d probably been able to see certain things, and kinda just make sure that it was what it was, instead of jumping in,” he continued.… continue reading »

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So in the spirit of love, harmony and stuff like that, here’s a look at ten movie lip-locks that you definitely won’t find in a Hugh Grant movie… Then, er, Sutherland turns towards Douglas, and moves in for a bit of tongue action. Just when he thinks he’s survived the affections of Greta, the first female Gremlin, the movie packs a sting, just for him.… continue reading »

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