Dating a serial monogamist

20-Dec-2019 00:54

This is troubling, because it seems to me that serial monogamists might be missing out on love—true love, the kind we see in the movies—because they are too busy chasing the next thing.To be clear: It’s not OK to be with someone just because you don’t want to be alone.For example, a serial monogamist will maintain a strictly monogamous sexual relationship with Woman #1 for say, six months; Then, after breaking up with Woman #1, this same serial monogamist will then enter into a subsequent strictly monogamous sexual relationship with Woman #2 for say, four months; Then, after breaking up with Woman #2, this same serial monogamist will enter into a strictly monogamous sexual relationship with Woman #3 during Cuffing Season of 2018-2019; Then, after breaking up with Woman #3 right after Valentine’s Day of 2019, he will repeat his cycle of very short-term strictly monogamous sexual relationships with various other women over and over and over again. Conversely, a number of other men tend to engage in long-term non-monogamous sex with two or more lovers who they have developed an emotional bond with.There have been a few dozen male celebrities who have been infamously known for being serial monogamists, but a good number of them eventually went ahead and tied the knot and exchanged vows as they got older. So, what do some men find appealing about serial (short-term) monogamy as opposed to short-term or long-term non-monogamous sexual relationships?

Right Now”) instead of holding out for someone who feels truly right. But it seems like they’re never really in search of a great love.

1) Being able to offer women a monogamous commitment …

without necessarily offering them the promise of a marriage proposal : A lot of men have a total lack of desire to seduce and sleep with women who are known to have very overt promiscuous and/or polyamorous tendencies; Being a serial monogamist gives men a greater opportunity to attract women who are very monogamy-oriented without promising these women that they will exchange wedding vows at any point in the near or distant future 2) Not having to worry about women who have “jealousy” or “possessiveness” issues : Even men who indulge in polyamorous (or “open”) marriages and long-term relationships sometimes have to deal with one female lover feeling like she is not receiving as much time, attention, and companionship as the other female lover(s).

Conversely, many women tend to frown on the idea of men who are referred to as ‘players’ and ‘incorrigible womanizers’ who have a reputation for pursuing women only for short-term non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex (i.e., one-night stands, weekend flings, and other variations of ‘fuck buddy’ sex).

If there is one type of man who is more appealing to women than a prolific womanizer type, but at the same time not quite as appealing as the men who the vast majority of women tend to choose as a long-term romantic companion and/or a future husband, it would be the men who are known as tends to enter into a series of short-term strictly monogamous sexual relationships with a number of different women over a period of time. Warren Beatty (before he got married) George Clooney (before he got married) Leonardo Di Caprio Ryan Gosling Derek Jeter (before he got married) Justin Timberlake (before he got married) Many men in society find engaging in one or more episodes of short-term non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex with multiple women to be more ‘exciting’ and egotistically satisfying than being a serial monogamist.

Serial monogamy allows men to experience the sexual companionship of a variety of women while still allowing them to maintain a generally ‘wholesome’ reputation as a “monogamy-oriented gentleman.” The downside for these men is that many of these men will inevitably develop a reputation as a “heartbreaker,” which sometimes is viewed among women as being Senior writer Alan Roger Currie was recently named the 2017 Charles Tyler Freelance Writer & Columnist of the Year for the Negro, and he was also named the Negro’s 2017 Best Dating Coach for Men on You Tube and 2017 Black Male You Tube Personality of the Year.

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