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21-Oct-2020 22:59

The rugs from Caucasus are thoroughly hand-knotted using various materials particular to the given region, including wool or hemp.

Some of the most iconic Caucasian rugs are Shirvan, Dagestan, Kuba or Kazak carpets.

This wonderful merger of various influences resulted in the birth of unique and enchanting antique Caucasian rugs, widely desired by collectors and design aficionados alike.

Although similar to other Caucasian rugs in their coarse weave and symmetric knots, the Caucasian rugs from Karabagh tend to be considerably larger.

Most Caucasian rugs display bold geometric or simplistic botanical designs in primary, usually dim hues.

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We offer rugs in every size, from smaller carpet squares to huge area rugs that span the entire room.

More Perfect for large homes and cozy apartments alike, rugs serve as both fundamental pieces and focal points of any space.