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01-Jan-2020 06:17

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It combines the nut width of Martin’s traditional 1-3/4” necks with the 12th fret width of their traditional 1-11/16” neck, and with string spacing a smidgen wider than that on the old 1-11/16” neck models.

Standard Series 12-string models have a modified version of the High Performance Neck.

The first half refers to the “size” or physical dimensions of the guitar, and the second half refers to the visual appearance of the instrument and the materials used to create it, known as the instrument “style.” NOTE: I am leaving for Martinfest a little behind schedule, the updated article with new tables encompassing all of Martin’s current instrument series should be up sometime next week – Spoon, out (7/31/19) The body size was originally designated as a number. founded his business in 1833 and was soon offering guitars in sizes ranging from a tiny size 5 on up to a size 1, which still seems amazingly small by modern standards. It was deemed an extra-large guitar for a “grand concert,” and that term has been used to describe guitars of this or similar size throughout the guitar world ever since. Be they 12 or 14-fret guitars, the most common Martins of the twentieth century can be equated thus: 0 = Concert, 00 = Grand Concert, 000 = Auditorium, 0000 = Grand Auditorium (aka size M,) OM = shares the same body size as a 000, but typically has other differences.

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A 000-18 stands for Size “, the top of the line for a basic catalog model, which includes top grade rosewood with abalone shell inlaid along the edge of the spruce top, as well as every edge along the back and sides, in addition to fancy, abalone fret markers, and decorative binding on the neck, etc. Examples include HD-28, HD-35, and the no-longer-made 000-28H.As stated above, “grand concert” originated with Martin’s 12-fret body size of the 1870s.But in its original definition, OM for Orchestra Model actually meant 14-fret Martin body, as opposed to their 12-fret guitars originally designed for gut strings.In modern times, additional indicators have been added onto some model names. Today, Standard Series 28 models with the H also get the 1930’s style Zig-Zag back strip, while those without the H get the later Style 28 back strip.

*More info on the S for Standard body size can be found at the end of this article.Not listed are seldom used Styles 25 and 37 that featured koa back and sides, and Styles 60 and 68 with maple back and sides.

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