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19-Nov-2020 18:56

In the 1980s, 18-year-old Donna Barnes moved from Philadelphia to New York City with dreams of hitting it big.She lived in Manhattan and found work as a catalog model. “I started reading everything I could get my hands on because it was the only thing that made me feel better — I had to figure out what had happened.” Ultimately, Donna decided to just be single for a while and focus on her career.Her work with coaching clients has helped her choose topics that are relevant to the modern dater. Donna sums up the dating and relationship lesson gleaned from her personal experiences and professional knowledge.“The more you coach, the better you get, and the more knowledge you get,” she said.She didn’t plan on becoming a certified life coach when she moved to New York City, but her down-to-earth perspective and straight-to-the-point advice earned her a stellar reputation in the dating industry.Now the “Queen of Sound Bites” is focused on building her online audience on her You Tube channel and social media.Donna saw an opportunity to grow her audience and her client base, and she threw herself into it. Each video on Donna’s channel covers a particular dating topic — ranging from dating rules to conflict resolution — and offers succinct solutions based on 30 years of dating and 11 years of dating coaching experience.

“What makes me unique is that I don’t just have book knowledge.

She is currently educating herself on how the medium can work to her advantage as a life and relationship coach.

Some of her most popular videos have over 1,000 views, and her channel currently has 3,600 subscribers — and it’s still growing.

She’s not afraid to tell her clients the truth, and that’s something that many singles need to break through the echo chamber of quick tips on the web.

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“Quite frankly, the truth is there’s no guaranteed way to get your ex back,” Donna said. If your ex wants to come back, that’s the only way they’ll come back.” In Donna’s private coaching practice, she helps her clients get out of their own way so they can get in a relationship.

Some of Donna’s clients have been single for a while and want to get out of their rut, while other clients are recently divorced and don’t know how to adapt to a dating scene now littered with sites and apps.