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When this is past, if they have meanwhile discovered that their tempers are incompatible, the matter drops.

If, on the other hand, all goes well, the young man, his parents and relatives, visit the girl's father and make a formal demand for her hand in marriage.

Niamh Cullen is an Irish Research Council CARA Marie Curie fellow at University College Dublin.

She is currently researching histories of courtship and love in post-war Italy and is also broadly interested in gender, emotions and the body in contemporary European and Mediterranean history.

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The Venetian lover is exceedingly attentive ; he makes certain regulation presents according to the seasonat Easter a cake, on St.

I’m no closer really to knowing how people felt in post-war Italy.

However, by catching glimpses of the changing ways in which people described their experiences over time, I can catch glimpses of what people might have meant when they spoke about love, at different moments in time.

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