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21-Jun-2020 18:17

Rule of the thumb: organdy, still manufactured, has the stiffest finish and is ungainly to gather; organdy with a Herberlein finish is extremely smooth and sheer with a silky finish to reduce stiffness.Swiss muslin is a very fine muslin or lawn with a smooth medium crisp finish, and lawn organdy, sometimes called poorman’s Swiss muslin, is so named because of its soft to soft-medium crisp finish.Unwashed old cottons seem to impart a certain glow or patina, mostly due to mellowing and special finishes now outdated.Novelty and variations on basic weaves can help define fashion trends of the day.Form descriptions in old textile books, lawn organdy better fits the description of India linon [Fr for lawn] which went off the market between 1953-61.Both fabrics gather nicely, retain their crispness and resemble dimity but without the fine cording.The separating line for muslin and percale is when thread count reaches 160.

Swiss muslin and lawn organdy are no longer available.

In the British world of antiques, a divy is a diviner, one who can tell it’s the genuine article upon sight.

An exact definition of emo is difficult to determine, but the type is hard to miss as the girls almost always feature tattoos, punky hair styles, piercings, and a love of edgy makeup.… continue reading »

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Yet in the past years dating websites and services have been flourishing, attracting more members every day.… continue reading »

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Using dating as an opportunity for adventuring can create a sense of exhilaration in both of you, which can subsequently increase romantic chemistry..… continue reading »

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