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No photos are exchanged unless someone expresses a serious interest.Compassion and a gentle nature are the top requirement for Chinese men when looking for a girlfriend, while integrity and a strong sense of responsibility are what women expect most from their other half, according to a recent survey conducted by Yangcheng Evening News in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, which polled nearly 1,000 people in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.I still had jet lag and couldn’t help but be a bit nervous. I opened the door of the classroom, gasped for breath and said “sorry” over and over before realizing there was only one student and the teacher inside. And a sixty-year-old Korean woman was my only classmate during the first semester at Fuzhou University. I would later realize that the Chinese teacher from my first day was the best Chinese teacher I have ever had. Lost in the City When I first arrived in Fuzhou, the city didn’t have a metro.At that moment, all I could think was: “Where am I? The old woman in the class was amazing and had lived all around the globe, but would still show surprise and curiosity at anything I said. The teacher would ask you where you lived and what you had for breakfast. At bus stops, only Chinese characters spelled out the routes or stops, not even (a system of Latin letters for reading and writing standard Chinese), making buses impossible for me to take.One day I went to meet some friends in an unfamiliar area. Wading along the flooded roads, I was unable to find any known place and ended up in a tiny dumpling restaurant, anxious due to the lack of cash in my pocket.

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I managed to point to my dead phone and showed them that it was dead, and they smiled and gave me a charger.In 2010, the average age of marriage in China was 26.7 years for men and 24.9 for women, compared with 25.3 for men and 23.4 for women in 2000, according to the national census, conducted every 10 years.In Shanghai last year, the average age of marriage was 34.5 years for men and 32 for women, compared with 10 years ago, when it was 31.1 for men and 28.4 for women. 5-12 years old children come to my agency, have lunch every day, except for the weekend. I like smiling and I love kids, I like making friends in my free time, I`m very patient by nature.

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” (no, no, no, no) and hid behind the girl who accompanied him. I quickly realized there were some major cultural differences.

They carried bottled water, folding chairs, soda water and mosquito repellent.