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Ask around, you might be surprised by what you can find.We’ve had a few overnight hotel stays because I have had multiple surgeries in distant cities where I had to be there at 4 am.You can also read aloud to each other if you prefer. Play a game of toss together or utilize some of the perks of the park. After tucking the littles into bed (if you have older ones who can keep an ear out for them), take a light weight blanket out to your back yard.Spread it out and lie down together to gaze at the stars. Head out to the local coffee shop to enjoy dessert and a hot drink together.And, at the end of the post we have a printable planning sheet you can use to choose and mark off date nights as you finish them – sort’ve like a bucket list of dates!

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My husband and I once enjoyed an entire weekend of painting and cleaning a home we needed to sell. Working together to accomplish a goal is an amazing thing, and I believe if you work hard and practice patience then you will grow closer together as you work.

What we discovered was that even though we didn’t intend it as a date – getting away to a new location and enjoying each other’s company and talking into the night without interruption is really good for our marriage.

Most of us probably went to the fair as couples when we were in high school dating random people, but when you are “old” and have kids you always think of taking the kids to the fair.

We *usually* just go out to dinner or maybe a movie, but it is so nice to change things up and find fun and interesting things to do that are not our ordinary.

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Changing things up a bit makes date night even more special and keeps it from getting mundane.

If you have a telescope, bring it along to take a closer look. Bring a book along and take turns reading aloud to one another. Take a couple baskets, some water to drink, and pick until you have all you need.

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