Dating meets destiny

04-Nov-2020 13:45

The novel perfectly captures the essence and Zeitgeist of modern Melbourne.In fact, it has bottled it up and called it eau du melbum and sprayed it around liberally.The narrator is almost like its own character in this novel - a funny, witty, smart and whimsical voice which sounds like a friend who has known you forever, but which could belong to any number of scarf-wrapped hipsters sitting in the cafes and trams of Melbourne. So cool it's practically sub-zero and so hip, it could dislocate your pelvis.So to answer the question of whether this book succeeds in bringing something new and exciting to the central concept that has launched a million chick-flicks (and a million lingering first stares in a billion YA novels), the answer is yes yes yes.I can understand that he doesn't want to hurt Cilla by breaking up with her, but like all cheaters, doesn't he realize that finding out he's with another girl will hurt more than anything?

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Does it mean as much as my favourite pair of comforting flannel jammies I cuddle down into after a long day? Apart from having a fun time reading it (I had a ball), did it actually leave an impression? And for all its wonderful characters, I felt that his long-suffering girlfriend character (Cilla) was given a raw deal by the author.For me, it was like they only started going out because of the coincidence of their names and the fact that Destiny has big lips; b) I wasn't able to connect or empathize with any of the characters; and c) The characters were, IMO, boring and didn't possess enough personality for me to invest any interest in their story and outcome. If you've read this review and you're still interested in this book (which you should be!

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