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15-Oct-2019 06:33

Yes, the person doing the rejecting can also be afraid of being rejected; the person abandoning someone can also be afraid of being abandoned.

Of course, it is uncomfortable to say to someone in-person or over the phone, ‘We had a great time and I don’t see us building a relationship in the future…’ We know that the other person might get angry, emotional, critical, or might respond with harsh words or even truthful words about us which, we don’t really want to hear, even if we need to hear them.

The online dating site Plenty of Fish conducted a survey which found that 80% of the 800 millennial daters (ages of 18-33) had been ghosted.

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The victim of the ghost Being ghosted is painful – in many ways.If you say, “I’m ghosting him/her because I don’t want to make them uncomfortable”, you are lying and fooling yourself.

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