Dating sim academy get 50 hp

22-Feb-2020 02:17

Dark Cookie is eternally grateful for this pledge. He will add your name to the game credits for being a key contributor!

You can also vote for the upcoming content each update and hang out in a private discord channel with spoilers! Dark Cookie now has a team helping him deal with development!

It is noted however using Trip Tickets forgoes receiving any "Hope Fragments" for that particular event.

I was supposed to be at Hope's Peak Academy, but all of a sudden, I was at a tropical island for some reason... Using the Trip Tickets which are rewarded for completing Usami's Class Goals, Hajime can take students to a location of his choosing based on the student's tastes in order to build his relationship with them.

All the students have a maximum collecting and cleaning level of 9, which can be maxed during several instances of the game mode.

"Goal" will display the materials needed for the goal received from Usami.

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Tools is a collection of tools which can be built to increase the students' stats such as reduce health cost, increase cleaning effect and increase gathering yield.

Assigning the cleaning task will fill up the cleanness gauge again.