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02-Nov-2020 19:49

Theres always a chance I'll run into her or her friends.Everyone knows we were together so every question is why we broke up. Basically, it's harder to avoid someone/keep them out of your mind that way.In bigger cities, once something is over, it is pretty rare that you would see them again after lines are cut. A okcupid search for women 20-40 with no children within 100 miles, brings back just over 150 results.

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I go to college here for a specific trade, but there aren’t many people here, and it’s lonely.Our experiences are also relatively identical: first generation immigrant kids, went to shitty public schools, and college graduates from our state school.It helps that my SO knows where I came from, class and culture-wise.There's just so many people out here I'm not as worried about being forever alone.

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