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In other words, today Jesus is believed to have been born some where between 4 and 7 BCE, which is equivalent to 4 and 7 BC. Berkowitz, who, in her application to practice before the Supreme Court was asked if she preferred "in the year of Our Lord" on the certificate's date, chose to omit it. By nearly 2 to 1, other scholars and some members of the clergy who responded to Safire agreed with Bloom and Berkowitz.

American Yale professor and literary critic Harold Bloom (born 1930) said: '' Every scholar I know uses B. '' Given the multicultural society that we live in, the traditional Jewish designations—B. As to everyday citizens, opinions were sharply divided.

David Steinberg of Alexandria, Va., said he found BCE ''a strained innovation requiring explanation in most of America.'' Khosrow Foroughi of Cranbury, N. 622, the day after the Hegira, or flight of the Prophet Mohammed from Mecca to Medina.

J., spoke of calendars: '' Jews and Muslims have their own calendars. The Jewish calendar is also a lunar one and is the official calendar of the State of Israel....

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So to answer your question no one in BC thought that the date was BC, they had their own calendars and even now half the world uses a different dating system to the western worlds AD/BC thingy but most will refer back to the western system for international standards. era of ancient time, I believe the acronym refers to before christ ? Past methods of numbering years Part of a series on the History of Israel The Western Wall, Jerusalem Ancient Israel and Judah Prehistory Natufian Canaan Israelites United monarchy Northern Kingdom Kingdom of Judah Babylonian rule Second Temple period (530 BCE–70 CE) Persian rule Hellenistic period Hasmonean dynasty Herodian dynasty Kingdom Tetrarchy Roman Judea Middle Ages (70–1517) Roman Palaestina Byzantine Palaestina Prima Secunda Caliphates Filastin Urdunn Kingdom of Jerusalem Ayyubid dynasty Mamluk Sultanate Modern history (1517–1948) Ottoman rule Eyalet Mutasarrifate Old Yishuv Zionism OETA British mandate State of Israel (1948–present) Timeline Years Independence Arab–Israeli conflict History of the Land of Israel by topic Judaism Jerusalem Zionism Jewish leaders Jewish warfare Related Jewish history Hebrew calendar Archaeology Museums Flag of Israel portal vte Before the adoption of the current Anno Mundi year numbering system, other systems were used.