Dating two men who to choose

05-Jul-2020 06:02

Would you find unexciting anyone who is kind and loving, or is it him specifically that is the problem?If it is just him, then hopefully one day you will find a good man who you can also feel passionate about.

Did you learn that you were lovable from your Dad or was his love absent or unattainable?

I was devastated, as he obviously hadn’t wanted to break up because he wanted time to himself. The problem is that I feel he and I are in different parts of our life.

He’s four years older than me but still lives at home and works part time at a bar, whereas I moved out of my parent’s house when I was eighteen and now work full-time.

Is there something in you that enjoys the drama and the emotional highs and lows? Why do you want to keep going back to someone who deceived you?

What is missing from your relationship with your current boyfriend?

But if you would find any good man boring, then you need to examine why you are only attracted to bad boys.