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There is also a children's support group that meets concurrently with the women's group. Women who are residents of the City of Alexandria What? Witnessing or hearing violence among family members damages children and as a result many children develop serious physical and mental health problems.Please call the Domestic Violence Program at 703.746.4911 if you are interested in attending the support group. Confidential weekly support group sessions for survivors of domestic violence or those currently in an abusive relationship. They may have learning difficulties, troubled relationships with adults and peers and be at risk for suicide.Some children will develop a love-hate relationship with parent(s).Though they feel protective of an abused parent, they may also resent that parent for not stopping the abuse. Warning signs of a child living in a violent home include: The Domestic Violence Program offers a Children’s Program in which a family services specialist is available to provide short-term individual counseling to children living in abusive homes.Become Informed Gather all of the information you can about domestic violence. You may also contact the Alexandria Domestic Violence Program at 703.746.4911, which assists battered persons and their children.Lend A Sympathetic Ear Let your friend know you care. Guide Her/Him to Community Services Share the information you have gathered with her/him privately.

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This group provides children, who share their circumstances, an opportunity to meet and talk.

Overwhelmingly, intimate partner violence is perpetrated by men against women, but studies show that men are victims too.