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It’s interesting to mention that “Herostratus” isn’t a proper name – it’s word-to-word translation means “the Hera’s troop”. Finally, every time plenty of people were burnt alive in the Temple. At the fragment of the ancient panorama “Destroyment of Jerusalem” it can be seen that the city towers fell to the ground as though mown down, as if the pillars were taken away. At the very same time the lightning enlighted the whole Earth, and the terrible thunder was heard in the heavens”.1348.

It seems that we come across the endless doubling of one and the same cataclysm taken its place on July, 21, though the year is still unknown. Neither a rammer, nor a stone mortar could do that. “In the East, next to Great India, the fire and stinky smoke burned down all cities”, “between China and Persia it was raining cats and dogs with flakes like snow – it burned down both mountains and valley together with their dwellers”.

Of course, the lighting never strikes even twice, needless to say nine times, in the same place$ moreover in the very same date. Though, one can see just a long chain of date matching…Certainly, the 9th of Av 70 A. should be in August, however Flavius has written down the North-West Gallery of the Temple was set in fire on July, 19. It seems to me, any of armies was able to do this in those times.

Though, this is not the whole story: July, 21 is the Fatal Day for the global history, because the greatest disasters are like glued on this day. C., Herostratus fired down the Artemis’ Temple in Ephesus. Taking in mind, there were no fire brigades those times two days is just enough time for the complete ruining of the enormous Temple.* the whole year of difference takes its place due to either the date adaptation from the Hidjrah or moving of the New Year from September to January (in case of Russian chronicles). The natural disaster was the only possible explanation. D.) “The storm sent by the God for the sake of Mary the Virgin’s protection has caught their navy up, the City of Fire has fallen down to them and boiled the sea; so the clue joining the boards of their vessels has melted down and the people have sunk down to the sea bed…”1110. the “Fire Column” appears in the sky above the cities of Kiev and Novgorod.

There are large lava spots of harrates in Arabia (with no volcanoes around), which are fields of fritted stone and completely dried streambeds of rivers, in fact.

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But glassy bodies are abundantly scattered in the south of China.

) times – here’s the short list of dates and causes of its terrible final: At the same time, it’s impossible to find any information about the recovery of Antiochy: just like to the Pharos the city simply “resurrects”.

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