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11-Feb-2020 18:01

I hear that downtown and Ingersoll have good bar scenes, and they are good areas for the most part.

I've heard it can get loud at times if you have an apartment next to Ingersoll, so you might take that into consideration if noise is an issue for you.

You'll also meet other women going through similar experiences, and you can build a support network.

I assume you aren't going to look for long term relationship material at a bar, because that would be the single stupidest strategy any person has ever employed.IE its safe for people to walk to bars or events even at 10pm? Snow bothers me less since Ive lived in upstate NYC where we had over 100 inches snow a year. "A lot of things to do" can be difficult to quantify.The city isn't dead, but it also won't compete with much larger cities. The winter will put a major damper on things, but there will still be some people who will fight the cold for the opportunity to do something. When I lived in Iowa, I rarely made a trip out in the winter unless it was required.Of course, it may also happen if you live next to the border of Nebraska so you can utilize Omaha.

If taxes and weather were completely ignored, Des Moines would probably be a top 10 or 15 city for its size.

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