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The ability of fledgling democracies to maintain popular support depends, at least to some extent, on the ability of their governments to deliver economic policies that meet with widespread approval.

But what sorts of economic policies are these, and are they necessarily the same as the policies required for tackling difficult issues of economic stabilization and reform?

Second, we analyze the findings of several important empirical studies with respect to the economic performance of young democracies around the world.

In the third section, we provide some descriptive statistics which indicate how young democracies have fared and are faring in practice, making use of the new dataset that we have compiled (which, among other things, is more up-to-date than the others cited herein).

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As already noted, we believe these issues assume significant policy relevance in light of recent U. (among other bilateral and multilateral) foreign aid initiatives explicitly aimed at promoting democratic consolidation.

America policy-makers have expressed the hope that this democratic wave will extend even further, to the Middle East and onward, perhaps reaching China’s shores in the not-too-distant future (“Rice Plans to Encourage Democratization,” 11 October 2005,