Does radioactive dating with isotopes of uranium and thorium provide

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It is found in spent nuclear fuel and in the reprocessed uranium made from spent nuclear fuel. Uranium-238 is fissionable by fast neutrons, but cannot support a chain reaction because inelastic scattering reduces neutron energy below the range where fast fission of one or more next-generation nuclei is probable.Doppler broadening of U-238's neutron absorption resonances, increasing absorption as fuel temperature increases, is also an essential negative feedback mechanism for reactor control.The isotope uranium-238 is also important because it absorbs neutrons to produce a radioactive isotope that subsequently decays to the isotope plutonium-239, which also is fissile.Legend for superscript symbols ₡ has thermal neutron capture cross section in the range of 8–50 barns ƒ fissile m metastable isomer № primarily a naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) þ neutron poison (thermal neutron capture cross section greater than 3k barns) † range 4–97 y: Medium-lived fission product ‡ over 200,000 y: Long-lived fission product Uranium-233 is a fissile isotope of uranium that is bred from thorium-232 as part of the thorium fuel cycle.U-234 has a neutron capture cross-section of about 100 barns for thermal neutrons, and about 700 barns for its resonance integral—the average over neutrons having various intermediate energies.In a nuclear reactor non-fissile isotopes capture a neutron breeding fissile isotopes.Its (fission) nuclear cross section for slow thermal neutron is about 504.81 barns. At thermal energy levels, about 5 of 6 neutron absorptions result in fission and 1 of 6 result in neutron capture forming uranium-236. U or U-238) is the most common isotope of uranium found in nature.

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It has two primordial isotopes, (uranium-238 and uranium-235), that have long half-lives and are found in appreciable quantity in the Earth's crust. Other isotopes such as uranium-232 have been produced in breeder reactors.Uranium-233 was investigated for use in nuclear weapons and as a reactor fuel; however, it was never deployed in nuclear weapons or used commercially as a nuclear fuel.

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