Double your dating chapter 4

24-Aug-2020 01:15

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It seems as if the pain from the effort of all this practice is comparable to that of giving birth, even though it probably isn't.

Lincoln's POV I arrived home and it was too late, but when I opened the door, my parents were there making a angry staring at me, for coming late, so I had to lie again to take out of trouble. It's almost " Dad said, "We're worried for you" Mom said, "Sorry for arriving at this hour, I was in the arcade with a friend" I said, "A friend? " I said, "Oh yeah, Clyde, we thought you were out with a girl, because today it was Valentine's Day" Mom said, "Actually, I didn't get a date, so I went to the arcade with Clyde to have a boys night" I said, "Oh, okay sweetie" Mom said, until Lori came downstairs to tell the truth, "Lincoln is lying" Lori said, "Don't say it Lori" I thought angrily, "He was actually hanging out with Bobby's sister" Lori said, "LORI!!! That's so sweet and romantic, sweetie" Mom said, "Our Lincoln is growing up, but why do you lied to us, you're disappointing us" Dad said, "I know, I'm sorry for lying, I didn't wanted to said that I was with a girl, because I would be ashamed about me having a girlfriend on this age, also you both would be meddling in my life, just like my sisters do always" I said feeling bad, "Oh Lincky, that's not true, we're not meddlers, you father and I will be supporting you, no matter who is it the lucky person who has you crazy, we are happy for you that you like a girl" Mom said, "Thanks mom, So.... " I said, "No, you're grounded this weekend for arriving late and lying" Dad said, "But that's not fair, I was suppose to go to Ace Savvy convention this weekend with Clyde" I said, "Sorry Lincoln, you need to learn the lesson of the time and your actions, now go to your room young man" Mom said, "Okay" I said angrily, while I went upstairs to my room, while Lori was feeling bad for me. I was talking to Clyde with the walkie-talkie telling about what happened with Ronnie Anne and other things. " Brina said, "He likes me back" I said, as we fangirled so hard, "This is awesome, another thing we should fangirl?

Oh I forgot to add something, You're dating your e...