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27-Apr-2020 11:18

She started dating an actress Guinevere Turner, then spent some time with Francesca Gregorini, stepdaughter of Ringo Starr. Date of birth: January 26, 1958 When Portia Derossi speaks about Ellen, her eyes get wet.She is mad from her loved one and never envies her, in spite of the fact that Mrs. “When we are together, people come to Ellen and tell, that she’s an angel”, Derossi says.Previously Portia was married to a film maker Met Metcalfe.They met at the set of her first American movie “The Woman in the Moon”. His name was known to a narrow circle of understandable and knowledgeable fans. He managed to become the top specialist in this area. According to the latest reports, Ellen is facing a tragic health crisis that is rocking her world.Will Portia de Rossi standby her or will this be the last straw in their relationship?She just “pretended” to be heterosexual in their relationships and after his leaving she had to be honest with herself.After that the actress turned her face to women and felt some excitement deep in her soul.

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If you are a fan of Ellen De Generes, you’ll remember that her mother has a history of breast cancer, so could this actually be true? How is Ellen’s wife Portia de Rossi handling all of this?

Could Ellen’s alleged illness be the main reason that they decided to adopt a puppy and name it Kid it rather than having a kid together?

If Ellen De Generes is ill, she and her wife Portia de Rossi are seriously doing a good job at keeping it under wraps.

According to Portia Derossi’s words, her husband cheated her with the wife of her brother.

One day two lovers simply escaped, and Portia was left with a broken heart. In fact, in her biopic book, Portia makes a confession, that she loved her husband in her own way, but surely was not obsessed sexually with him.Everyone knows, that family and successful career very often struggle each other.

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