Friendship dating and marriage

29-May-2020 02:17

You can eat together, discuss issues and solve problems together when you aren’t around, they can take care of your children this practice is an extraction of communalism (see Morphy 2018).

Nevertheless, this has changed in modern times, not all neighbours are in a relationship.

By socio-cultural(society and culture), I mean, the society; their view and perception of things; the practices and the level of acceptability of such practices.

The approach that is used in explicating this subject matter is the classification approach.

Such neighbourhood has no time to discuss the subject of their interest. Another strong factor that brings people together is religion.

Members of any religious group see themselves as one.

The forms of this include relationship based on blood, relationship based on good neighbourhood, relationship based on friendship (that doesn’t involve romance), relationship based on association, relationship based on religion etc.

A romantic relationship is any form of relationship that involves strong intimacy, feelings of love and strong attachment which may or may not involve sexual activities. As time goes on and either the guy or the girl can open up (it’s usually the boys in Nigerian situation).

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And when they return, they cook, eat, bath, and sleep.

If the girl or the guy agrees, then, they will begin a deeper relationship that goes beyond normal friendship but if they didn’t,, they may remain at the level of just friends or the whole relationship crashes.

In an extended sense, it covers the whole period they spend together in trying to understand themselves.

They are fund of themselves, very casual and informal when they are together.

Friendship could be between two opposite sexes or same sex.

Rather, anyone, you have connection or link to which results in intimacy or continuous association or constant conversation on subjects of common interest.

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