Indian guys interracial dating

29-Dec-2019 12:24

If you are a regular reader of my blog I’m sure you will be happy to learn that in January – after about 18 months – I finally met a SINGLE smart, handsome Indian power guy (ahhhh the best kind!

) who I basically fell head-over-heels coo coo for ‘at first sight’ and we started dating.

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I'm not creating a racist thread, any racist views will be reported so please keep this civil.

The incident didn’t ruin more than another 30 seconds of our night and then we went back to having fun – because at the end of the day she’s the one who had a problem, not us. But it is hard for me to understand because I truly – from the bottom of my heart – feel that everyone is equal and no one race or nation or group is superior to another.

My guess is that she feels compelled to try and place others below her to make herself feel better about herself or the life that she’s living. Sure, some nations might be techier or more advanced with equal rights for women, human rights or have men that believe that half of the household chores belong to them too .

That side of dating an Indian man is something I won’t relish experiencing ever again and I’m fairly certain that it would be a rather frequent reality.

All things said and done, even though I have no idea what our future holds, I don’t regret a moment of it and I love the way I feel …

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