Internet dating survival guide

06-Nov-2019 05:40

Woman Savers is home of the world’s largest database rating men’s relationship history.This popular website lets women warn other women about alleged abusive and cheating men before it’s too late.Right” who she met using her own date screening techniques. That’s why I decided to dedicate years of my life to helping other women break out of the cycle of abuse. Women will now be able to make BETTER, SAFER and MORE INFORMED decisions regarding the men in their lives.Dear Ladies, Getting involved with the wrong man not only wastes your time, it can destroy your life. I hope this book will have a tremendous positive effect on you and on future generations of women.Frequently called on by the media as one of the nation’s leading authorities on relationships and dating, Ms.Alexander has been featured on: the Mike & Juliet Show (repeat dating expert), E!

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My website rates over tens of thousands of the worst men to avoid worldwide… I’ve put together the best tips available anywhere to help you find the great guy you were meant to be with and avoid being scammed, used and abused by men” in my book “S#x Lies & the Internet.

From these thousands of heart-breaking true-life stories, and my own dating disasters, including lessons learned overcoming my own abuse, I have compiled the most horrifying stories and exposed the dangerous scams and techniques used by cheating and abusive men. You can hire a costly private detective or simply buy this book!