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For years, the United States, France, Poland and a number of other countries have been trying to convince Germany to consent to the opening of the so-called "Holocaust Archives" stored in the north-central German town of Bad Arolsen.Citing privacy concerns and fears of lawsuits, however, the German government had consistently refused to do so.Thank you for this website and educating myself in particular.Major Rudolph Hoess - Commandant of Auschwitz - coined the slogan - Arbeit Macht Frei.

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I sometimes speak with an actual national-socialist, from german origin, born after WWII, who denies all of this, I'm shure that documents like what you shouw may contribute to finish with that pervert behavioral: personally I prefer to deal with someone who doesn't denies, like Maximilien Aue, fictional hero of "Les Bienveillantes", a book that puts Blobel and Ohlendorf as figures, and the reason why I arrived to your site.

But the future Fhrer made a fuss: The job offered to him he said, as a Police Officer wasn't to his liking [it's thought he feared the bad press publicity of him being a Police Officer!!!

] Since Hitler wanted to run as a candidate in the presidential elections members of the Nazi party in Braunschweig succeeded in finding him another position with the Braunschweig land surveying office, totally ignoring the fact that he was devoid of all professional skills qualifying him for this position.

While reading the information of available articles, I have goose bumps, and my eyes are welled with tears.

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I will do my absolute best to accurately portray the travisties that occured and should never be forgotten.For behold the lords holy spirit hath spoen saying "deliver the bones of the dead" then came forth the bones of the unknown warrior from the grave I belive the bones is a para trooper fredrick wild of scotland later after the war he moves on to new zealand and dies and is cremated to fall into the hands of the lord god.

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