Jap engine dating

27-Sep-2019 20:45

Air Ministry wartime compressor set, which I believe was used for starting aircraft engines(? Bill It gets misspelt over here too Bill, don't worry about it! but there are no click into my magneto when turning it around ..maybe there are something wrong into the spring mechanisem thing ...i really dont know.

Hi Does any body know how to date these small J A P motors, the block has the numbers engraved on the block 2S H 86920 1E.

Cameron Racing Engines is a small company that machines various components for the Ministry of Defense over in England.

Having all of these very high precision machine tools sitting around and having a long standing interest in motorcycles, racing and hill climbing got them thinking about doing a little engine work.

The '936' part of the part number identifies the application, so it is CJ936 or A936BZ Hope this clarifies things for you. I need some different parts before i can start it . maybe a new piston, gaskets and maybe some carburetor parts since the petrol seems to owerflow right trough. Im new here so if you know anything please mail me at [email protected] Norwaycan't possitively tell you which model it is but its a model 2, 3,4 or 5.

If you look at the Wipac applications listings on our website: you will see that the A936BZ is listed for the 5 Series Jap (Listed under Villiers/Jap) instead of the CJ936, so that confirms that you have a later engine with a UK A series magneto fitted.

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top other side: MC19054 I found this info at ebay.. The articles are very useful, with cutaway drawings etc. They also cover operating instructions and maintenance information like valve and points settings, and lots of other useful information. ) was still advertising copies of the handbook a few years ago when I got mine - I haven't bought a copy though, because the TOMM articles cover the engine very well.The 2S, according to the article, is a vertical, side valved, air cooled four stroke petrol engine.ion=1&espv=2#q=dating JAP engines Cheers Scott PS: Is your engine a 2 cylinder cosmo?

Hi Cosmo, TOMM ran a two part article on the JAP 2S in June/July and August/September 2004. Sorry, my scanner has died, so I can't send you a copy. engines in a couple of my small engines service manuals but not the model in your pictures. The company doesn't show up in my eighth edition of small engines service manual printed in 1966 so assume it went out of business around that time. Bill Discovered an air shroud that sold on ebay a couple of weeks ago that looks like the one on your engine. seriel number are C/1/72405/S at the bottom: BA68955 over the bottom underneath of the bracket for ignition: HB2 the top of the block:14831F.

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