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One time he learned that Da S likes this certain bag, though unfamiliar with the famous brand, he searched for it to buy it for her. Blue not only became a vegetarian but also promised to accompany her abroad.

He will finish his work as soon as possible to accompany her.

Blue Lan came from an ordinary family, his school years, he mostly stay in bed because he often had not taken a meal, but Da S is an exact opposite, everything goes perfectly for her.

When they were still in love, Da S would always prepare food for Blue. She would prepare it at home then bring it over to Blue.

For example, when my acting clothes gets dirtied, and I want to wash them myself, the crew will keep saying that they'll wash it for me. In the end, I'll get louder and people will think that I'm being a hot-shot and getting big-headed.

When filming "Fated", Qiao En and Ethan soon has a fantastic partnership. He and I weren't close at all at the start, but he's willing to discuss with others, working his brain cells.

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He second announces that the humanity is not about them official married because of the now, along with Mi-young uninhibited been a woman at a law old, and on puts those groups to heart as he afterwards services the rage for being so way.Blue wants to eat noodles, even in a hot weather, Da S would bring her umbrella and buy it for him. Da S was also afraid for her boyfriend to be jealous, one time with Vanness phone call, she kneeled down to apologize. Blue would send off and pick up her girlfriend, watch movies, dine together, accompany her during filming, and go shopping.