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By some miracle of genetics (or dermatology), Jonas, 26, has the same fresh face that graced the cover of ten years ago, but his once-wavy hair is now cropped short, and even black long sleeves cannot hide the small mountain ranges that are his biceps.Though their age difference has been a point of obsession in the press (Chopra, at 36, is ten years older), Jonas seems the more senior and serious of the two.“It’s always been the opposite.”PRIYANKA CHOPRA IS undoubtedly one of the biggest movie stars in India.She’s acted in more than 50 films, including India’s first superhero franchise, doesn’t begin to convey Chopra’s place in Indian culture.Both of her parents were doctors in the Indian Army. (He died of cancer in 2013.) Her mother, who now co-runs Chopra’s film-production company, was a gynecologist. It was a whole thing—puffer jackets, I was in love with Tupac. The two were looking for an Indian artist who could break into the American market. “It took me back to being that sixteen-year-old girl again,” says Chopra. “I remember talking to my manager and saying, ‘It will always be like this.’ ”So when, the following year, the ABC casting executive Keli Lee flew to Mumbai to persuade Chopra to meet with her about , Chopra was hesitant. I want to have a story.” The night the show premiered, Chopra calmed her nerves the way she often does: She sat by the pool of her Los Angeles hotel in a bikini, with a Bellini in hand. “It’s my happy place.” blew up and was ultimately broadcast in 64 countries during its first season. Ever.” But when I bring up Jonas, Chopra covers her face with her hands. “That’s not the way I talk.”Next was a direct message from Jonas to Chopra on Twitter: “I’m hearing from a few mutual friends that we should meet.” I ask for the date. “We checked this morning.” He goes on: “She responded day of with a message that said, ‘My team can read this. “He patted my back before he left.”“There was no kiss.They met at a party in Bareilly, a city in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, and were married ten days later. I wore black for 20 days when he was killed.”She was less crazy about Newton, where she was subjected to racist taunts at school. By chance, Acharia had seen Chopra in a spoof hip-hop video a few years earlier. Her first single, “In My City,” made with, was released as the official theme song for the NFL’s 2013 season. Social media erupted with a flood of racist comments (“Who is this Arab terrorist? “The only thing I told her was: I don’t want my ethnicity to lead the part that I play,” Chopra says. Never, during all that time, had Chopra allowed herself to be photographed with a boyfriend. She visibly Cut back to Vegas, where Chopra and Jonas have now unearthed and reviewed the electronic record of their courtship.“It was Nick who sent the first message,” Chopra says. He’d sent a text to Graham Rogers, Chopra’s costar on : “ ‘Priyanka. Why don’t you just text me.’ ” (Here Chopra erupts, like she’s cheering at the Super Bowl: “Boy got the ! There was nothing,” Jonas confirms.“There was a ,” Chopra says, with a look of pure incredulity on her face.“She’s still upset about that.”Chopra demonstrates the platonic pat on Jonas’s back.“Your mom was in the house! “I thought it was a respectful first night.”“It was respectful if you ask me.”They had an incredible time at the Met and the after-­parties. Joe still has a photo he took of Nick at the end of the night, at the Carlyle: “He’s sitting on the floor. We’re like, Look at this little smitten, drunk kid right now.” after that.

Compared with Mumbai, I remark, where she would be mobbed, New York must feel like a respite.

“And I said, ‘It would be almost a year and a half before Jonas proposed.

Naturally, they would spend most of that time not seeing each other.

(Introductions were made, and Jonas confirms that Chopra’s mother, Madhu, was indeed wearing her nightgown.)All along there were signs, chemistry, a mysterious familiarity building. with Jonas and he said, “I love the way you look at the world.

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Looking back, Chopra can pinpoint the moment she felt a subtle shift. I love the drive you have.” “As a girl, I’ve never had a guy tell me, ‘I like your ambition,’ ” Chopra says.The first time Nick Jonas met Priyanka Chopra, he got down on one knee.