Kloe kardashian dating rashad mccants

06-Mar-2020 03:16

Speaking with the Charlotte Observer, Mc Cants blamed his relationship with Khloé Kardashian for ruining his time in the league, which lasted a mere five seasons.“Without that situation in play, I’m at -70 million,” Mc Cants said. Whether it is Lamar Odom, Kris Humphries, James Harden, Tristan Thompson, or Mc Cants — the NBA world has had the Kardashian bug floating around whether it was headline-worthy or under the radar.But what derailed Mc Cants career wasn’t the relationship itself, but the lifestyle choices that came with it.The other truth, however, is that the Kardashian curse is considered to be real by many sports fans.Khloe is currently dating Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson and fans of the squad called for him to dump her back in April, prior to the start of the NBA Playoffs.

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Just consider the following rundown: Back in November of 2009, meanwhile, Keeping Up with the Kardashian aired a scene in which Kim Kardashian hacked into Mc Cants' voicemail.