Liquidating bonds

18-May-2020 23:01

Please mail (certified) or overnight/ground delivery the required documentation to: Computershare Attn: Israel Bonds 150 Royall Street Canton, MA 02021 To contact the bank directly, please see the contact information for Computershare.

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If you are requesting that the redemption check be issued in a manner other than how the bond is registered, please call Client Support at 888.519.4111 so the necessary instructions can be provided to you.When used for reserves, 100% of the value of the assets (as determined above) may be considered, and liquidation is not required.Refer to B3-4.3-03, Retirement Accounts, for the requirements pertaining to the use of retirement accounts for the down payment, closing costs, or reserves.A mutual fund that seeks income, liquidity, and a stable share price by investing in a very short-term investments.

Money market funds are suuitable for the cash reserves portion of a portfolio or for holdings you'll need soon.This action supports Treasury’s goal to increase the number of electronic transactions with citizens and businesses.